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Party Pricing
*$20 per child, 10 child minimum.
*$200 is the minimum charge for a children's birthday party where you will be needing the party area. If you do not need the party area and only need limited space behind the lanes, then we charge a $20 fee to bring in a cake. 


What's included: 
* One hour of bowling. This is the first hour of your party.
* One hour furnished table time. This is the second hour of your party.
* One juice box per child.
* One snack per child
* Napkins, plates, utensils, cups and table cloth.



*We are not serving hot food at this time, so you may bring in your own. You may not bring in snacks or beverages. 


Other info

- You will be given one lane for every 5 bowlers (10 bowlers gets you 2 lanes, 11-15 bowlers gets you 3 lanes, 16-20 bowlers get 4 lanes, etc)

- You may come up to 30 minutes early to decorate and set up


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